History items via protonyms
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"Protonym items simulation"

Enable the simulation on catalog pages here: My account.

This blue box fetches and displays [taxon] history items via the catalog taxon's protonym -- there are still only TaxonHistoryItems, but it simulates what would happen if we moved all history items to the protonym right now.

Unresolved issues

How to display database-valid "multi-rank" protonym taxa (super made-up word)

Update: rank has been added to the history items form (only the HTML version, not inline JavaScript taxt editor). Still WIP.

Like family + subfamily + tribe Taxon trios, or genus + subgenus Taxon pairs. I think we want to show separate items for the family/subfamily/tribe history, but for genus/subgenus, we may want to show the same items. Then there are also subtribes, and a few non-modern ranks that we do not fully support.

I think we can start by adding a rank field to history items, because then we can perform the change without changing catalog content too much from visitors' point-of-view. But even this is not watertight, and would leave certain history items "unreachable". Example:

In this case Dorylini (the current owner of the item) would not show the item (since Dorylini is a "pass-through name"), and Dorylinae would also not show it, since the item is supposed to be for tribes only. Maybe we could just always show "rank" items, regardless of status.

Formula for where to show protonym items

That is, which catalog page (Taxon record) should show the history content. The simulation shows it on taxa with "terminal statuses", which means all statuses except "pass-through names", which are currently obsolete combination and unavailable misspelling. The status unavailable uncategorized is probably also a type of pass-through name, but we want to convert all such records to known statuses to make them compatible with the catalog.

Various database scripts

Examples for investigating
No taxon or protonym items (OK)

No [self-owned] taxon items, but with hidden protonym items (OK)

Protonym items from multiple taxa (requires code/data tweaks)

Unreachable protonym items (not OK)

Protonyms without a terminal taxon (not OK)

Protonyms with more than one terminal taxon (requires code/data tweaks)

More examples, by rank/status
Genera, with self-owned items (and maybe protonym items)

Genera, without self-owned items (but maybe protonym items)
  • Agastomyrma - valid
  • Rabidia - synonym
  • no such records - homonym
  • no such records - unidentifiable
  • Dolichoformica - unavailable
  • no such records - excluded from Formicidae
  • Acanthomyops - obsolete combination
  • no such records - unavailable misspelling
  • CANNOT FIND TAXON FOR TAG {tax 464180} - unavailable uncategorized

Species, with self-owned items (and maybe protonym items)

Species, without self-owned items (but maybe protonym items)