References by Nel, A.
Protonyms originally described by author
Protonym Taxon Authorship Rank Status
Gerontoformica Gerontoformica Nel & Perrault, 2004 Genus Valid
Gerontoformica cretacica Gerontoformica cretacica Nel & Perrault, 2004 Species Unidentifiable Original combination
Haidomyrmodes Haidomyrmodes Perrichot et al., 2008 Genus Valid
Haidomyrmodes mammuthus Haidomyrmodes mammuthus Perrichot et al., 2008 Species Valid Original combination
Sphecomyrmodes occidentalis Gerontoformica occidentalis Perrichot et al., 2008 Species Valid
Platythyrea dlusskyi Platythyrea dlusskyi Aria et al., 2011 Species Valid Original combination
Melissotarsus ethiopiensis Melissotarsus ethiopiensis Coty et al., 2016 Species Valid Original combination
Anochetus miosumatrensis Anochetus miosumatrensis Ngô-Muller et al., 2021 Species Valid Original combination
Tyrannomecia Tyrannomecia Jouault & Nel, 2021 Genus Valid Original combination
Tyrannomecia inopinata Tyrannomecia inopinata Jouault & Nel, 2021 Species Valid Original combination
Published between 2004–2021
Taxon descriptions between 2004–2021
No. of references 9
No. of described taxa (including combinations) 11
No. of described taxa (valid, including combinations) 9
No. of described taxa (protonyms only) 10
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Nel, A. 9