References by Aldawood, S. A.
Taxa originally described by author (including combinations)
Taxon Authorship Rank Status
Monomorium sarawatense Sharaf & Aldawood, 2013 Species Valid
Cataglyphis fisheri Sharaf & Aldawood, 2015 Species Valid
Trichomyrmex almosayari Sharaf & Aldawood, 2016 Species Valid
Monomorium elghazalyi Sharaf & Aldawood, 2017 Species Valid
Published between 2010–2017
Taxon descriptions between 2013–2017
No. of references 7
No. of described taxa (including combinations) 4
No. of described taxa (valid, including combinations) 4
No. of described taxa (protonyms only) 4
Names belonging to author
Author name No. of references
Aldawood, S. A. 7