References by Yasumatsu, K.
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Protonyms originally described by author
Protonym Taxon Authorship Rank Status
Anochetus splendidulus Anochetus splendidulus Yasumatsu, 1940d Species Valid Original combination
Lordomyrma nobilis Lordomyrma nobilis Yasumatsu, 1950 Species Synonym Original combination
Camponotus obscuripes subsp. hemichlaena Camponotus hemichlaena Yasumatsu & Brown, 1951 Species Valid
Camponotus yessensis Camponotus yessensis Yasumatsu & Brown, 1951 Species Valid Original combination
Leptanilla morimotoi Leptanilla morimotoi Yasumatsu, 1960 Species Valid Original combination
Stenamma nipponense Stenamma nipponense Yasumatsu & Murakami, 1960 Species Valid Original combination
Published between 1935–1965
Taxon descriptions between 1940–1960
No. of references 21
No. of described taxa (including combinations) 7
No. of described taxa (valid, including combinations) 5
No. of described taxa (protonyms only) 6
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Author name No. of references
Yasumatsu, K. 21