Protonym: Anochetus cameroni
Authorship Forel, 1915c: 352
Forms w.
Biogeographic region Palearctic
Locality SPAIN.
Primary type information Type-material: syntype workers (number not stated). Type-locality: Brazil: Cap Saint- Roque (M. Cameron). Type-depository: MHNG.
Type notes Brown, 1964m: 214, points out that the Brazil locality is in error, and that the type-locality, on the specimen label as “C.S. Roque”, is most probably “San Roque, Spain, near Gibraltar”, which is within the normal range of Anochetus ghilianii.
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Anochetus cameroni Species Synonym
junior synonym of current valid taxon Anochetus ghilianii (Spinola, 1851)
Original combination