Protonym: Formica cuneata
Authorship Perty, 1833: 134, pl. 27, fig. 1
Forms w.
Bioregion Neotropic
Locality BRAZIL
Primary type information Primary type material: lectotype worker (by designation of Diller, 1990: 69). Primary type locality: lectotype Brazil: (no further data), “Habitat in Brasilia australi”. Primary type depository: ZSBS.
Secondary type information Secondary type material: 1 paralectotype worker. Secondary type locality: same as for lectotype. Secondary type depository: ZSBS.
Type notes All the synonymising authors give Camponotus sericeiventris as the senior synonym, but Camponotus cuneata properly had priority. Authors before Dalla Torre, 1893, gave no publication date for Camponotus sericeiventris, but Dalla Torre incorrectly dated it as 1830, and this incorrect date was copied by all the later synonymising authors listed below. Kempf, 1972b: 48, was the first to provide the correct publication date for Camponotus sericeiventris (1838), by which time Camponotus cuneata had become a nomen oblitum. Nevertheless, Diller, 1990: 69, designated a lectotype and 1 paralectotype from Perty material in ZSBS.
Notes Nomen oblitum.
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Camponotus cuneata Species Synonym
junior synonym of current valid taxon Camponotus sericeiventris (Guérin-Méneville, 1838)
Formica cuneata Species Obsolete combination
an obsolete combination of Camponotus cuneata (Perty, 1833)
Original combination