Protonym: Crematogaster brevispinosa var. ampla
Authorship Forel, 1912g: 211
Forms w.
Biogeographic region Neotropic
Locality COLOMBIA.
Primary type information Type-material: lectotype worker (by designation of Longino, 2003a: 128). Type-locality: lectotype Colombia: Santa Cruz, nr Santa Marta (A. Forel). Type-depository: MHNG.
Secondary type information Paratype-material: paralectotype workers (number not stated). Paratype-locality: same as for lectotype. Paratype-depository: MHNG.
Type notes Other original syntypes from type-locality, plus syntypes from Colombia: Santa Marta (A. Forel), Colombia: Barranquilla (A. Forel).
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Crematogaster ampla Species Valid
Crematogaster brevispinosa ampla Subspecies Obsolete combination
an obsolete combination of Crematogaster ampla Forel, 1912
Original combination