Protonym: Forelius macrops
Authorship Kusnezov, 1957e: 14
Forms w.
Bioregion Neotropic
Locality ARGENTINA (Tucumán).
Primary type information Primary type material: holotype worker. Primary type locality: Argentina: Tucumán, Jardin del Instituto Miguel Lillo, no. 6996 (N. Kusnezov). Primary type depository: IMLT.
Secondary type information Secondary type material: 3 paratype workers. Secondary type localities: 1 paratype worker Tucumán, Reserva Forestal, no. 1480 (N. Kusnezov), 1 paratype worker Salta, Cafayate, no. 944 (N. Kusnezov), 1 paratype worker Jujuy, between Perico and Pampa Grande, no. 698 (N. Kusnezov). Secondary type depository: MCZC.
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Forelius macrops Species Valid Original combination