Protonym: Acantholepis opaca
Authorship Forel, 1892a: 43 (diagnosis in key)
Forms w.
Biogeographic region Indomalaya
Locality INDIA (Karnataka).
Primary type information Type-material: syntype workers (number not stated). Type-locality: India: Karnataka, Kanara (Aitken). Type-depositories: MHNG, MSNG. Type-specimens: CASENT0909893 (MHNG), CASENT0905158 (MSNG). (Source: Wachkoo et al., 2021: 237.)
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Acantholepis opaca Species Obsolete combination
an obsolete combination of Lepisiota opaca (Forel, 1892)
Original combination
Lepisiota opaca Species Valid