Protonym: Iridomyrmex glaber var. sommeri
Authorship Forel, 1902j: 473
Forms w.
Bioregion Australasia
Primary type information Primary type material: syntype workers (number not stated). Primary type locality: New Caledonia: (no further data) (Sommer). Primary type depositories: MHNG, NHMB.
Type notes 1) Shattuck, 1994: 132, cites 14 worker, 1 queen, 2 male syntypes; queen and male are not mentioned in the original description. 2) New Caledonia localities listed by Shattuck include Mt Canala, Lake Bogota, Tchalabel, and Mt Yaté; some or all of these may represent original syntype localities.
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Iridomyrmex glaber sommeri Subspecies Obsolete combination
an obsolete combination of Ochetellus glaber sommeri (Forel, 1902)
Original combination
Ochetellus glaber sommeri Subspecies Valid