Protonym: Tapinoma heyeri
Authorship Forel, 1902f: 296 (footnote), pl. 1, fig. 11
Forms w.
Bioregion Neotropic
Locality BRAZIL (Rio Grande do Sul).
Primary type information Primary type material: lectotype worker (by designation of; Guerrero, 2021: 433). Primary type locality: lectotype Brazil: São Leopoldo (Heyer). Primary type depository: MHNG. Primary type specimen: CASENT0909771 (lectotype).
Secondary type information Secondary type material: 1 paralectotype worker. Secondary type locality: same as for lectotype. Secondary type depository: MHNG.
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Forelius heyeri Species Valid
Tapinoma heyeri Species Obsolete combination
an obsolete combination of Forelius heyeri (Forel, 1902)
Original combination