Protonym: Tetramorium staerckei
Authorship Kratochvíl et al., 1944: 65 (in text)
Forms w.q.m.
Bioregion Palearctic
Locality HUNGARY.
Primary type information Type locality: Nagytétény (Hungary), 47.391° N, 18.987° E, 102 m a.s.l., leg (P. Röszler, 17.VI.1935). Type depository: lectotype worker, one paralectotype worker, one paralectotype gyne, and one paralectotype male in NHMS.
Type notes Lectotype designation. Worker closer to needle (of two syntype workers of one card), labeled "Hongrie Nagytétény Coll: Röszler [/] "17. VI. 1935" [–] "500" [–] Typus [–] "Tetramorium caespitum v. hungaricum v. Staerckei worker Rößl. Typus! No. 500" [/] "PAUL RÖSZLER Baross Gabor-telep HONGRIE – EUROPE", designated as lectotype (Fig. 18).
Notes Kratochvíl, in Kratochvíl et al., 1944.
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Tetramorium staerckei Species Valid Original combination