Protonym: Cataglyphis fritillariae
Authorship Khalili-Moghadam et al., 2021: 11, figs. 9–16, 28
Forms w.
Biogeographic region Palearctic
Locality IRAN.
Etymology The species name fritillariae is named after the genitive singular case of the generic name of the Snake’s Head Fritillaria imperialis L., the dominant flower in Dashte laleh, the type locality of this ant species.
Primary type information Type-material: holotype major worker. Type-locality: Iran: Chaharmahal Va, Bakhtiari, Koohrang, Dashte laleh, 2400 m, 32.5884, 50.2002, 25.v.2017, Collection L. Borowiec, Formicidae, LBC-IR00069 (A. Khalili-Moghadam). Type-depository: MNHW. Type-specimen: CASENT0872299.
Secondary type information Paratype-material: 16 major, 11 medium, 43 minor paratype workers. Paratype-locality: same as for holotype. Paratype-depositories: MHNG, MNHW, USMB. Paratype-specimens: CASENT0872300 to CASENT0872369.
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Cataglyphis fritillariae Species Valid