Protonym: Cataglyphis dejdaranensis
Authorship Khalili-Moghadam et al., 2021: 17, figs. 17-26
Forms w.
Biogeographic region Palearctic
Locality IRAN.
Etymology The species name dejdaranensis is a feminine Latin adjective in the nominative case and refers to Dejdaran Valley, where one of the specimens of this species was collected.
Primary type information Type-material: holotype major worker. Type-locality: Iran: Chaharmahal Va, Bakhtiari, Koohrang (Cheri),, 2778 m, 32.1686, 50.1752, Collection L. Borowiec, Formicidae, LBC-IR00088 (Khalili-Moghadam). Type-depository: MNHW. Type-specimen: CASENT0872370.
Secondary type information Paratype-material: 5 major, 4 minor paratype paratype workers. Paratype-localities: 1 major, 2 minor paratype workers with same data as holotype, 4 major, 2 minor paratype workers Iran: Chaharmahal Va, Bakhtiari, Koohrang (Dejdaran Valley,, 2319 m, 32.1955, 50.2075, Collection L. Borowiec, Formicidae, LBC-IR00076 (Khalili-Moghadam). Paratype-depositories and specimens: MHNG and MNHW: CASENT0872371, CASENT0872372, CASENT0872373; MNHW: CASENT0872374 to CASENT0872379.
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Cataglyphis dejdaranensis Species Valid