Protonym: Colobopsis imitans
Authorship Schifani et al., 2021: 11, figs. 10-12
Forms w.s.q.m.
Bioregion Palearctic
Locality ITALY.
Etymology Imitans is the present participle of the Latin verb imitor, meaning ‘imitating’, and is here used in apposition. It refers to the interpretation that this species resembles Crematogaster scutellaris.
Primary type information Type-material: holotype worker. Type-locality: Italy: Sicily, Mondello, 38.1953, 13.3354, 5 m, 14.x.2018, (E. Schifani). Type-depository: HNHM. Type-specimen: ANTWEB1041481.
Secondary type information Paratype-material: 14 paratype workers. Paratype-locality: same as for holotype. Paratype-depository: only holotype depository stated. Paratype-specimen: ANTWEB1041482 (soldier).
Type notes Other specimens from description: ANTWEB1041483 (queen), ANTWEB1041484 (male) (not mentioned as type material but included in description).
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Colobopsis imitans Species Valid Original combination