Protonym: Zigrasimecia goldingot
Authorship Zhuang et al., 2021: 2, figs. 1-2
Forms aq.
Locality MYANMAR (Burmese (Kachin) Amber).
Etymology The species name is an allusion to shoe-shaped gold ingot (元宝), an ancient Chinese gold medium for exchanging expensive goods, in reference to the outline of the head, which clearly resembles the shape of gold ingot.
Primary type information Primary type material: holotype alate queen. Primary type locality: in amber from northern Myanmar, Kachin State, Hukawng Valley; upper Albian-lower Cenomanian (ca. 98.79 ± 0.62 Ma). Primary type depository: YKLP. Primary type specimen: YKLP-AMB-001.
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Zigrasimecia goldingot Species Valid Original combination