Protonym: Zigrasimecia zui
Authorship Zhuang et al., 2023: 2, figs. 1, 3
Forms w.
Locality MYANMAR (Burmese Kachin amber, Cretaceous)
Etymology The name of the species is taken from the pseudonym "Zuni" (祖尼) of Mr. Liu Hao, the donor of the specimen. The word "Zu"(祖) also means ancestor in Chinese, and represents the relationship between this group of ants and extant ants. Masculine.
Primary type information Primary type material: holotype worker. Primary type locality: Myanmar: Kachin state, Hukawng Valley, Tanai township, Noije Bum village, 26° 21' 33.41" N, 96° 43' 11.88" E; an inclusion in Cretaceous amber (Early Cenomanian, ca. 98.79 ± 0.62 Ma). Primary type depository: YKLP. Primary type specimen: YKLP-AMB-005.
Taxa belonging to this protonym
Zigrasimecia zui Species Valid Original combination