Title New data on the ant genus Camponotus (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from the USSR fauna. 1. Camponotus (s. str.). [In Russian.].
Pagination 1815-1830
Year 1967
Date 1967-12
Type Article reference
Bolton key Arnol’di 1967
Journal Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
Series/volume/issue 46
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Public notes December issue. Date signed for printing ("podpisano k pechati"): 6 December 1967.
Taxa originally described in this reference (including combinations)
Note: taxa described in nestees of this reference are not included here.
Taxon Authorship Rank Status
Camponotus armeniacus Arnol'di, 1967 1828, fig. 3 Species Valid
Camponotus herculeanus caucasicus Arnol'di, 1967 1822 Subspecies Synonym Original combination
Camponotus micans armeniacus Arnol'di, 1967 1828, fig. 3 Subspecies Obsolete combination Original combination
Camponotus reichardti Arnol'di, 1967 1824, fig. 1 Species Valid Original combination