Title Taxonomic studies on the genus Tetramorium Mayr in China (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). [In Chinese.].
Pagination 264-274
Year 1988
Type Article reference
Bolton key Wang M. Xiao Wu 1988
Journal Forest Research
Series/volume/issue 1
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Taxa originally described in this reference (including combinations)
Note: taxa described in nestees of this reference are not included here.
Taxon Authorship Rank Status
Temnothorax reduncus Wang et al., 1988 268, figs. 21, 22 Species Valid
Tetramorium crepum Wang et al., 1988 269, fig. 28 Species Valid Original combination
Tetramorium jiangxiense Wang et al., 1988 269, figs. 24, 25 Species Synonym Original combination
Tetramorium reduncum Wang et al., 1988 268, figs. 21, 22 Species Obsolete combination Original combination
Tetramorium repletum Wang et al., 1988 166, figs. 8, 9 Species Valid Original combination