Wheeler, W. M. 1926a. Ants of the Balearic Islands. Folia Myrmecologica et Termitologica 1:1-6. PDF
Title Ants of the Balearic Islands.
Pagination 1-6
Year 1926a
Date 1926-10
Type Article reference
Bolton key Wheeler W.M. 1926
Journal Folia Myrmecologica et Termitologica
Series/volume/issue 1
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Taxa originally described in this reference (including combinations)
Note: taxa described in nestees of this reference are not included here.
Taxon Authorship Rank Status
Camponotus lateralis armouri Wheeler, 1926a 5 Subspecies Synonym Original combination
Solenopsis fairchildi Wheeler, 1926a 3 Species Valid
Solenopsis latro fairchildi Wheeler, 1926a 3 Subspecies Obsolete combination Original combination