Title Description of five new weaver ant species of Camponotus subgenus Karavaievia Emery, 1925 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Malaysia and Thailand, with contribution to their biology, especially to colony foundation.
Pagination 69-82
Year 2006
Date 2006-09
Type Article reference
Bolton key Dumpert Maschwitz Weissflog 2006
Journal Myrmecologische Nachrichten
Series/volume/issue 8
Nested references
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Taxa originally described in this reference (including combinations)
Note: taxa described in nested references of this reference are not included here.
Taxon Authorship Rank Status
Camponotus hoelldobleri Dumpert et al., 2006 71, figs. 5-9 Species Homonym Original combination
Camponotus maschwitzi Dumpert et al., 2006 73, figs. 10 - 13 Species Valid Original combination
Camponotus schoedli Dumpert et al., 2006 74, figs. 14, 15 Species Valid Original combination
Camponotus weissflogi Dumpert et al., 2006 75, figs. 16 - 22 Species Valid Original combination