History item formatting standards
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Information regarding the designation of a lectotype or neotype should be entered using the following format and placed as the first taxonomic history item.

Lectotype designation: Rakotonirina et al., 2017: 218.
Neotype designation: Salata & Borowiec, 2018a: 4.

Whenever a name is emended, including correcting a name to match the gender of the parent, the history item should indicate the emended version of the name as a linked tax tag, and a citation for the emendation included. Where a name was changed in B. Bolton's NGC document, the citation is given as B. Bolton. The history item is wrapped in square brackets and placed at the top of the history items list, but below a history item for a lectotype/neotype designation, where present.

[Justified emendation of spelling to Pogonomyrmex propinquus by B. Bolton.]

[Justified emendation of spelling to Aenictus binghamii: Forel, 1901a: 474; Forel, 1901j: 382.]