User roles
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Visitors without an account can:
  • Suggest edits
Any registered user can:
  • Post comments
  • Manage issues
  • Edit wiki pages
Helper editors can:
  • Manage feedback
  • Manage history items and reference sections (except delete)
  • Add and edit institutions (except delete)
  • Manage journals (including deleting unused)
  • Manage protonyms (including deleting unused)
  • Manage references (except delete)
  • Manage tooltips (except delete)
  • Delete unused authors
Editors can:
  • Delete more things (history items, reference sections, unused references)
  • Add and edit taxa
  • "Taxon operations"
    • Create combinations
    • Convert to subspecies
    • Create obsolete combinations
    • Elevate to species
    • Force parent change
  • Move history items
  • Reorder history items
  • Manage institutions (except delete)
  • Edit name records (taxa and protonyms)
  • Browse PaperTrail versions
  • Review references
  • Manage site notices
  • Merge authors
  • Manage author names (including deleting unused)
Superadmins can:
  • Delete even more things (activities, feedback, institutions, site notices, wiki pages)
  • Approve all references
  • Editor other users (including editing roles, locking users)