Search history item content with regex
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Set the search type in the history items search form to "REGEXP".

Search query Matches Link
Combination "Combination" must appear (anywhere in the content) link
^Combination Content must start with "Combination" link
319$ Content must end with "319" link
in.*319$ Content must contains "in", followed by anything (. matches any character, and * modifies . to match any number of any character), and end with "319" link
as (dorylomorph*pipe character*formicoid) subfamily Content must contain "as ", followed by either "dorylomorph" or "formicoid", and then " subfamily". Use an actual pipe character in place of *pipe character*. link
{ref [0-9]+}: 3[0-9][0-9]$ Content must end with a ref tag, followed by a colon and a space, and then any page numbers in the range 300-399 link
^Combination in {tax [0-9]+}: Content must start with "Combination in ", followed by a tax tag, followed by a colon link
{ref [0-9]+}[^:] Content must contain a ref tag that is not followed by a colon link

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