References by Xu, Z.
Xu, Z. 1995b ("1994"). A taxonomic study of the genus Pachycondyla Smith in China (Hyminoptera [sic]: Formicidae: Ponerinae). Pp. 103-112 in: Xi, G.; Liu, Z.; Xu, S. (eds.) 1995. Entomological research. First issue. A collection of research papers commemorating 40 years of teaching by Professor Zheng Zhemin. [In Chinese.]. Xi'an: Shaanxi Normal University Press, 239 pp. PDF

Notes: Published in the preceding book (ISBN 7-5613-1242-3/Q 13). Article cited in Zoological Record (volume 133), but with incorrect year of publication. A second version of this paper was published in 1996 in Zoological Research (vol. 17, pp. 211-216) (pdf of 1996 linked to this reference).

Taxa originally described by author (including combinations)
Taxon Authorship Rank Status
Pachycondyla brevidorsa Xu, 1994b Species Obsolete combination
Brachyponera brevidorsa Xu, 1994b Species Valid
Lepisiota acuta Xu, 1994c Species Valid
Lepisiota reticulata Xu, 1994c Species Valid
Tetramorium cardiocarenum Xu & Zheng, 1994 Species Valid
Tetramorium cyclolobium Xu & Zheng, 1994 Species Valid
Tetramorium yulongense Xu & Zheng, 1994 Species Valid
Dolichoderus incisus Xu, 1995a Species Valid
Ectomomyrmex lobocarenus Xu, 1995b Species Valid
Ectomomyrmex zhengi Xu, 1995b Species Valid
Prenolepis magnocula Xu, 1995c Species Synonym
Prenolepis nigriflagella Xu, 1995c Species Synonym
Kartidris ashima Xu & Zheng, 1995 Species Valid
Recurvidris nuwa Xu & Zheng, 1995 Species Valid
Gnamptogenys bannana Xu & Zhang, 1996 Species Synonym
Pseudolasius bidenticlypeus Xu, 1997 Species Valid
Cryptopone recticlypea Xu, 1998a Species Valid
Mystrium oculatum Xu, 1998a Species Synonym
Polyrhachis cyphonota Xu, 1998b Species Valid
Polyrhachis bakana Xu, 1998b Species Valid
Myrmoteras cuneonodus Xu, 1998c Species Valid
Emeryopone melaina Xu, 1998c Species Valid
Myopias conicara Xu, 1998c Species Valid
Kartidris sparsipila Xu, 1999a Species Valid
Rhopalomastix umbracapita Xu, 1999a Species Valid
Leptogenys huangdii Xu, 2000a Species Synonym
Leptogenys zhuangzii Xu, 2000a Species Valid
Leptogenys laozii Xu, 2000a Species Valid
Leptogenys mengzii Xu, 2000a Species Valid
Leptogenys pangui Xu, 2000a Species Valid
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Taxon descriptions between 1994–2018
No. of references 66
No. of described taxa (including combinations) 128
No. of described taxa (valid, including combinations) 101
No. of described taxa (protonyms only) 109
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Author name No. of references
Xu, Z. 31
Xu, Z.-H. 35