Leptogenys huangdii Xu, 2000 junior synonym of current valid taxon Leptogenys lucidula Emery, 1895
Leptogenys huangdii Xu, 2000a: 119, figs. 5-8 (w.) CHINA (Yunnan). Indomalaya.
Primary type information: Type-material: holotype worker. Type-locality: China: Yunnan, Mengla County, Menglun, 830 m., 6.iii.1996, No. A96-565 (Z. Xu). Type-depository: SFCY. Secondary type information: Paratype-material: 22 paratype workers. Paratype-locality: 7 paratype workers with same data as holotype, 1 paratype worker with same data as holotype but A96-1178, 700 m. (Z. Chen), 14 paratype workers Yunnan, Mengla County, Menglun Town, Cuipingfeng, 660 m., 10.viii.1997, No. A97-1147, No. A97-1152 (T. Liu). Paratype-depository: SFCY.
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