†Zigrasimeciinae Borysenko, 2017 valid
  • Cao et al., 2020: 162, 163 (emended diagnosis and worker-based key to genera of †Zigrasimeciini).
  • †Zigrasimeciinae as subfamily: Boudinot et al., 2020: 29
  • [NOTE: †Zigrasimeciini is a tribe of †Zigrasimeciinae; due to technical difficulties (changing the parent taxon of the tribe), †Zigrasimeciini is temporarily retained in †Sphecomyrminae. BEB 2020-12-27.]
Obsolete classifications
Subfamily †Zigrasimeciinae references

Boudinot et al., 2020: 31 (diagnosis in key)


Fossil: 3 valid genera, 5 valid species

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