Neoponera Emery, 1901 valid feminine
Neoponera Emery, 1901b: 43 Type-species: Formica villosa (obsolete combination of Neoponera villosa), by original designation.
Junior synonyms
Genus Neoponera references

Schmidt & Shattuck, 2014: 145 (diagnosis, synoptic description, distribution, ecology and behavior, phylogenetic and taxonomic considerations); Cantone, 2017: 265 (brief male diagnosis); Fernández & Guerrero, 2019: 530 (Colombia species key); Troya & Lattke, 2022: 1 (Neoponera laevigata species-group revision), 11 (worker- and queen-based key to Neoponera species-groups), 18 (Neoponera laevigata species-group differential diagnosis), 20 (Neoponera laevigata species-group species key (workers, queens)), 22 (Neoponera laevigata species-group species key (males)), 23 (Neoponera laevigata species-group description)


Extant: 58 valid species

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