Sicelomyrmex Wheeler, 1915 valid masculine
Sicelomyrmex Wheeler, 1915i: 111 Type-species: Gesomyrmex corniger (obsolete combination of Sicelomyrmex corniger), by original designation.
  • [Sicelomyrmex: Brown & Carpenter, 1979: 423 (emendation of spelling).].
  • Sicelomyrmex in Camponotinae, Gesomyrmecini: Wheeler, 1915i: 111.
  • Sicelomyrmex in Formicinae, Sicilomyrmecini: Wheeler, 1929a: 12; Brown & Carpenter, 1979: 423; Bolton, 1994: 51.
  • Sicelomyrmex in Formicinae, Gesomyrmecini: Donisthorpe, 1943h: 725; Dlussky & Fedoseeva, 1988: 77; Bolton, 2003: 24, 109.
  • [Note: the emendation of spelling to Sicilomyrmex proposed by Brown & Carpenter, 1979: 423, may be unnecessary. In various publications Wheeler uses both Sicelomyrmex and Sicilomyrmex, with the former being the original, and also the one he used in his 1929a review of the group. It may be that the genus was originally named for the Sicels (one of the original tribes of Sicily), rather than after the island itself. In consequence the maintenance of the original orthography is recommended here.].
Genus Sicelomyrmex references

Brown & Carpenter, 1979: 423 (review of genus); Bolton, 1995b: 383 (catalogue).


Fossil: 1 valid species

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