Holcoponera Mayr, 1887 valid feminine
Holcoponera Mayr, 1887: 540 [as subgenus of Ectatomma] Type-species also by subsequent designation of Wheeler, 1911g: 165. Type-species: Gnamptogenys striatula (obsolete combination of Holcoponera striatula), by subsequent designation of Emery, 1911e: 40.
Type notes: Publication date of Emery, 1911e is 9.ix.1911; of Wheeler, 1911g is 17.x.1911.
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Genus Holcoponera references

Camacho et al., 2022: 11 (female diagnosis). [Note: for references pre-2022 see under Gnamptogenys.]


Extant: 40 valid species

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