Pharaophanes Bernard, 1967 junior synonym of current valid taxon Monomorium Mayr, 1855 masculine
Pharaophanes Bernard, 1967a: 168 (attributed to Santschi) [as subgenus of Monomorium] Type-species: Formica pharaonis (obsolete combination of Monomorium pharaonis), by monotypy.
  • [Pharaophanes Bernard, 1953b: 238 (attributed to Santschi) [as subgenus of Monomorium]. Unavailable name; proposed without designation of type-species. Species included by Bernard (1953) are all referable to Monomorium: Bolton, 1987: 288; Bolton, 1995b: 42 (see also note in Baroni Urbani, 1971c: 90).].
  • Pharaophanes as junior synonym of Monomorium: Bolton, 2003: 213.