Stigmatomma binodosus (Provancher, 1881) junior synonym of current valid taxon Stigmatomma pallipes (Haldeman, 1844)
Arotropus binodosus Provancher, 1881a: 206, figs. 32, 33 (m.) CANADA. Nearctic.
Primary type information: Type-material: holotype male. Type-locality: Canada (no further data) (L. Provancher). Type-depository: QMNH. Type notes: 1) The holotype was misprinted with a queen symbol in the original description, but was actually a male (Provancher, 1887: 240, 241). Lectotype designation of a worker by Gahan & Rohwer, 1917a: 306, is set aside as no worker was represented in the original description. Lectotype male designation by Francoeur & Béique, 1966a: 141, appears unnecessary as Provancher described only a single specimen, automatically the holotype. 2) Type-locality was probably Québec, Cap Rouge (Provancher, 1887: 241).
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