Paraparatrechina Donisthorpe, 1947 valid feminine
Paraparatrechina Donisthorpe, 1947e: 192 [as subgenus of Paratrechina] Type-species: Paratrechina pallida (obsolete combination of Paraparatrechina pallida), by monotypy.
Genus Paraparatrechina references

For references prior to 2010 see under Paratrechina.

LaPolla et al., 2010a: 128 (diagnosis, status); LaPolla et al., 2010: 3 (Afrotropical and Malagasy species revision, key); LaPolla & Fisher, 2014a: 141 (Afrotropical and Malagasy species key; weissi species-group revision); Cantone, 2017: 167 (brief male diagnosis)


Extant: 38 valid species, 4 valid subspecies

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