Acanthoponera Mayr, 1862 valid feminine
Acanthoponera Mayr, 1862: 732 [as subgenus of Ectatomma] Type-species: Ponera mucronata (obsolete combination of Acanthoponera mucronata), by subsequent designation of Emery, 1911e: 158.
Type notes: Emery, 1911e: 36, and Wheeler, 1911g: 158, both nominated Acanthoponera mucronata as type-species. According to Evenhuis, 1994a, Emery, 1911e was published on 9.ix.1911, which is slightly earlier than Wheeler, 1911g, published on 17.x.1911.
Obsolete classifications
Genus Acanthoponera catalogues

Emery, 1911e: 35; Kempf, 1972b: 9; Bolton, 1995b: 53.

Genus Acanthoponera references

Mayr, 1887: 540 (diagnosis); Emery, 1911e: 35 (diagnosis); Wheeler, 1923f: 190 (all species key); Brown, 1958g: 188 (review of genus and species); Kugler, 1991: 155 (sting structure); Arias-Penna & Fernández, 2008: 111 (all species key); Boudinot, 2015: 51 (male identification); Baccaro et al., 2015: 194 (genus in Brazil); Cantone, 2017: 175 (brief male diagnosis); Feitosa & Prada-Achiardi, 2019: 675 (Colombia species key); Camacho et al., 2022: 13 (diagnosis).


Extant: 4 valid species

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