Cryptocerus pusillus columbica Forel, 1912 an obsolete combination of Cephalotes columbicus (Forel, 1912)
Cryptocerus pusillus var. columbica Forel, 1912f: 201 (s.w.) COLOMBIA. Neotropic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: lectotype worker (by designation of Kempf, 1951: 183) Primary type locality: lectotype Colombia: Santa Marta (A. Forel). Primary type depository: MHNG. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 2 paralectotype workers. Secondary type locality: same as for lectotype. Secondary type depositories: MHNG, NHMB. Type notes: De Andrade & Baroni Urbani, 1999: 163, report 12 syntype soldiers, 19 syntype workers from the type-series in MHNG; all are paralectotypes.