Nylanderia metacista LaPolla & Kallal, 2019 valid
Nylanderia metacista LaPolla & Kallal, 2019: 422, figs. 43-51 (w.q.m.) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Nearctic.
Primary type information: Holotype worker, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Cachote Forest, 18° 04.01’N, 71° 10.768’W, elev. 1054 m, cloud forest, nest under bark of rotting, fallen tree, 28.vii.2009, J.S. LaPolla & S.A. Schneider (USNM00754797) (NMNH). Secondary type information: 3 paratype workers, 1 paratype male with same locality data as holotype (specimens are from the same nest as holotype) (NMNH & MCZC).