Monomorium ergatogyna Wheeler, 1904 valid
Monomorium minutum subsp. ergatogyna Wheeler, 1904e: 269 (w.q.) U.S.A. (California: Catalina I.). Nearctic.
Primary type information: Type-material: lectotype ergatoid queen (by designation of DuBois, 1986: 88). Type-locality: U.S.A.: California, Catalina I., 1904 (C.F. Baker). Type-depositories: AMNH, MCZC. Type notes: DuBois, 1986: 88, counts 21 workers, 16 queens in AMNH, and 12 workers, 17 queens in MCZC, all apparently from the type-locality. This does not tally with Wheeler’s original comment that the syntypes were “numerous workers and eight females taken from three different nests”.
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