Pachycondyla striata Smith, 1858 valid
Pachycondyla striata Smith, 1858a: 106 (w.) BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro). Neotropic.
Primary type information: Type-material: 6 syntype workers. Type-locality: Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, “Rio 57/63” (H. Clark). Type-depositories BMNH, OXUM. Type notes: 5 worker syntypes BMNH and 1 worker syntype OXUM. BMNH Accessions Register has: “1857 no. 63 (June 22). Province of Rio. Presented by Rev. Hamlet Clark.” Three more workers in BMNH are mounted in the same way as the syntypes but have passed through the Farren White collection and had their data labels altered to read “Rio. H. Clark.” These are probably also syntypes.
Junior synonyms