Terataner Emery, 1912 valid masculine
Terataner Emery, 1912b: 103 Type-species: Atopomyrmex foreli (obsolete combination of Terataner foreli), by original designation.
Junior synonyms
Genus Terataner references

Wheeler, 1922: 885, 1028 (Afrotropical, Malagasy catalogues); Emery, 1924f: 241 (diagnosis, catalogue); Arnold, 1952b: 129 (review of genus); Kugler, 1979b: 260 (sting structure); Bolton, 1981b: 288 (diagnosis, review of genus); Bolton, 1981b: 290 (Afrotropical species revision, key); Bolton, 1981b: 297 (Malagasy species review, key); Bolton, 1995a: 1053 (census); Bolton, 1995b: 403 (catalogue); Hita Garcia et al., 2017: 11 (Malagasy species key); Cantone, 2017: 242 (brief male diagnosis)


Extant: 14 valid species

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