Formicoxenus Mayr, 1855 valid masculine
Formicoxenus Mayr, 1855: 413 Type-species: Myrmica nitidula (obsolete combination of Formicoxenus nitidulus), by monotypy.
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Genus Formicoxenus references

Emery, 1882a: 273 (Europe & Algeria species); André, 1882d: 273 (Europe & Algeria species); Emery, 1924f: 263, 264 (Symmyrmica, Formicoxenus diagnoses); Bernard, 1967a: 225 (diagnosis); Francoeur et al., 1985: 374 (diagnosis, all species revision, key); Kupyanskaya, 1990a: 148 (Far Eastern Russia species key); Radchenko, 1994b: 111 (South Siberia species key); Bolton, 1995a: 1049 (census); Mackay & Mackay, 2002: 91 (U.S.A., New Mexico species key); Seifert, 2023c: 129 (Palearctic species revision), 132 (Palearctic Leptothorax and Formicoxenus worker key).


Extant: 8 valid species

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