Monomorium mintiribe Collingwood & Agosti, 1996 junior synonym of current valid taxon Monomorium subopacum (Smith, 1858)
Monomorium mintiribe Collingwood & Agosti, 1996: 350, fig. 23 (w.q.m.) OMAN. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Type-material: holotype worker. Type-locality: Oman: Mintirib, 17.xi.1984 (M.D. Gallagher). Secondary type information: Paratype-material: paratype workers, paratype queens (numbers not stated), 1 paratype male. Paratype-locality: paratype workers (number not stated) with same data as holotype, paratype workers, paratype queens, 1 paratype male Oman: Bilad Bani, 20°03’N, 59°17’E (W. Büttiker), paratype workers Oman: Mugshin Dhofar, 5.iv.1984 (M.D. Gallagher), paratype workers Oman: Yalooni, 3.x.1984 (M.D. Gallagher), paratype workers Oman: Wadu Ibra, 17.i.1988 (M.D. Gallagher), paratype workers Saudi Arabia: Al-Kola, 10.iv.1983 (C.A. Collingwood). Paratype-depository: WMLC (1 paratype). Type notes: Sharaf et al., 2015: 54, report that type-material of this taxon appears to be lost (not in NHMB), except for 1 paratype in WMLC. Specimens may be present in OMHN if Gallagher material has been retained there.