Tapinoma darioi Seifert et al., 2017 valid
Tapinoma darioi Seifert et al., 2017: 141, figs. 8-11 (w.m.) ITALY. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Holotype, a major worker on the same pin with three paratype workers, labelled "ITA: 41.69858°N, 12.34985°E, Roma, Castelporziano, 1 m, Grotta di Piastra, dune, D’Eustacchio 20140423-TLa45", "Holotype (top specimen) and paratypes Tapinoma darioi SEIFERT & al."; two paratype gynes and two paratype males on other pins with the same collecting data. Another two pins with 8 paratype workers from a nest situated 240 m east, labeled "ITA: 41.69823°N, 12.35240°E, Roma, Castelporziano, 13 m, Tor Paterno parcel, dune, under shrub, D'Eustacchio 20130614-TLa27". All material stored in SMN Görlitz.