Tapinoma erraticum (Latreille, 1798) valid
Formica erratica Latreille, 1798: 44 (w.q.m.) FRANCE. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: neotype worker (by designation of Seifert, 2012a: 144). Primary type locality: neotype France: 45.0517°N, 1.5372°E, Nespouls-Fougère, 330 m. 2.vii.2008 (C. Galkowski). Primary type depository: SMNG. Type notes: 1) Original type data: syntype workers, syntype queens, syntype males (numbers not stated), France: Brive (Latreille), specimens lost, not in MNHN. 2) Seifert says that the neotype locality is “about 11 km. S from the city centre of Brive”; he also adds that 19 other workers from the same series as the neotype are in SMNG.
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