Odontomachus ferminae General, 2018 valid
Odontomachus ferminae General, 2018: 158, figs. 1-8 (w.q.) PHILIPPINES (Romblon I.: Sibuyan I.). Indomalaya.
Primary type information: Type-material: holotype worker. Type-locality: Philippines: Romblon Prov., Sibuyan I., Municipality of Magdiwang, Mt Guiting-guiting Natural Park, 4.vi.2016 (D.E.M. General). Type-depository: UPLB. Type-specimen: UPLBMNH HYM-01646. Secondary type information: Paratype-material: 14 paratype workers, 1 paratype queen. Paratype-localities: 2 paratype workers with same data as holotype, 12 paratype workers, 1 paratype queen with same data as holotype but 24-31.iii.2017 (C.C. Lucañas). Paratype-depositories: ANIC, BMNH, MCZC, NMPM, UPLB, USNM. Paratype-specimens: UPLBMNH HYM-01647, UPLBMNH HYM-01648, UPLBMNH HYM-01649 to UPLBMNH HYM-0164901661.