Odontomachus yucatecus Brown, 1976 valid
Odontomachus yucatecus Brown, 1976c: 169 (w.) MEXICO (Campeche). Neotropic.
Primary type information: Type-material: holotype worker. Type-locality: Mexico: Campeche, 10 km. E Campeche, no. 132, stray (E.O. Wilson). Type-depository: MCZC. Secondary type information: Paratype-material: 10 paratype workers. Paratype-localities: 4 paratype workers with same data as holotype, 1 paratype worker Mexico: Yucatan, nr mouth of second cave on San Roque Road, Oxkutzcab (A.S. Pearse), 2 paratype workers Mexico: Veracruz, Pueblo Nuevo, nr Tezonapa, no. 250, degraded tropical evergreen forest (E.O. Wilson), 1 paratype worker Guatemala: Antigua (W.M. Wheeler), 1 paratype worker Guatemala: Escuintla (W.M. Wheeler), 1 paratype worker Belize: Belmopan, second growth Cecropia-palm forest litter berlesate (S. & J. Peck). Paratype-depositories: MCZC, MZSP.