Ponera tridentata (Smith, 1858) an obsolete combination of Pseudoneoponera tridentata (Smith, 1858)
Pachycondyla tridentata Smith, 1858a: 106 (w.) BORNEO (East Malaysia: Sarawak). Indomalaya.
Primary type information: Type-material: 3 syntype workers. Type-locality: Malaysia: Borneo, Sarawak, “SAR.”, and “Borneo. 57/36” (no collector’s name). Type-depositories: BMNH, OXUM. Type notes: The OXUM syntype, labelled only “SAR.” has been remounted in the past by cutting short the large pin through the mesosoma, and driving it through a piece of card. In the 2 BMNH syntypes the original pins are the only ones present.

Extant: 0 valid subspecies (1 obsolete combination)