Rasopone panamensis (Forel, 1899) valid
Ponera ferruginea var. panamensis Forel, 1899b: 15 (q.) PANAMA. Neotropic.
Primary type information: Type-material: neotype worker (by designation of Longino & Branstetter, 2020: 25). Type-locality: neotype Costa Rica: San José, Cerro Plano, 9.48059, -83.96402±10 m., 1060 m., 4.vii.2015, ADMAC, Wa-E-06-1-45, ridgetop cloud forest, isolated peak with oak trees, ex sifted leaf litter. Type-depository: CASC. Type notes: Original holotype queen, from Panama: Bugaba (Champion), deposited in MHNG, is absent from the collection: MacKay & MacKay, 2010: 322; Longino & Branstetter, 2020: 25.
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