Acanthomyops niger alienus (Foerster, 1850) an obsolete combination of Lasius alienus (Foerster, 1850)
Formica aliena Foerster, 1850a: 36 (w.m.) GERMANY. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: neotype worker (by designation of Seifert, 2020a: 61). Primary type locality: neotype Germany: GER: Eifel, 37 km. SE Aachen, Schleiden, 7.ix.1991 (B. Seifert). Primary type depository: SMNG (other material from the series is in BMNH, SMNG). Type notes: 1) Initial neotype designation by Seifert, 1992b: 13, is invalid as “a nest sample of 11 workers” was cited as neotypes. 2) Original syntype data: workers, males Germany: Aachen, Lousberg (A. Foerster). 3) According to Horn & Kahle, 1935: 78, Foerster’s formicid types are in MNHU, but Seifert, 1992b: 13, says Foerster’s ant material is “almost completely consumed by insect pests”; further, Seifert & Schultz, 2009b: 271, state that “According to our own search in German collections type material of Förster is completely destroyed”.