Aphaenogaster quadrispina Emery, 1911 valid
Aphaenogaster (Ischnomyrmex) quadrispina Emery, 1911g: 251 (w.) NEW GUINEA (Indonesia). Australasia.
Primary type information: Primary type material: syntype workers (number not stated). Primary type locality: workers Indonesia (New Guinea): Etna Bay, 1904-05 (no collector’s name). Primary type depository: MSNG. Type notes: [Note: Emery, 1911c: 258, also described an unassociated male: Sebang camp, 5.vii.1907 (no collector’s name), which he reported, “not without some doubt”, as Aphaenogaster quadrispina. This male specimen is not regarded here as part of the syntype series.