Aphaenogaster sahafina Csősz & Fisher, 2021 valid
Aphaenogaster sahafina Csősz & Fisher, 2021: 24, figs. 11A-C (w.) MADAGASCAR. Malagasy.
Primary type information: Holotype: MADAGASCAR: Collection code: BLF19467 (CASENT0132233) Toamasina: Sahafina forest 11.4 km W Brickaville, −18.81445, 48.96205, alt 140 m, leg: B.L. Fisher et al., 12_14_2007 (1w, CASC, CASENT0132233). Secondary type information: Paratypes: seven workers and one gyne from the same locality (Collection codes: BLF19461, BLF19467, BLF19474, BLF19479) under CASENT codes: CASENT0132230, CASENT0822128, CASENT0822130, CASENT0822133, CASENT0822134, CASENT0822131, CASENT0822132, CASENT0822239 (7w, CASC, CASENT0132239).